Feature Requests

Make Timer Messages have different timers per message (2)
Youtube Chat (4)
BitEvent Message (2)
Games proposals (2)
Suggestion: Playlist selector in ytplayer (1)
Ability to simply change the number in a particular count command in the new panel (9)
Facebook Autopost - Going Live (8)
Selectable roles (4)
Uptime feature request (4)
Wellness Feature & Then Some (1)
Different emote / caps / etc limit for subs (2)
Follower count in follow response (3)
Send command in whisper when it's on cooldown (18)
Logging all commands (1)
Autodelete Stream on end (2)
Enable all button (3)
Http request response in Status (1)
Two suggestions to make custom commands/APIs work better (7)
Freud's Requests (11)
Import Loyalty Points from Stream Elements? (2)
Different max songs in SR per group? (1)
Streamlabs (3)
Phantombot GUI (5)
Minor improvement for commandsPanel.js (3)
No timeouts for song requests with youtube links when Song Requests is off (3)
Hosting Own Channel (14)
[REQ]Autorelaod bot , !reload !restart command (15)
Discord Features (1)
Blocking @ in !gift commands? (6)
Discord Roles: Auto-Assign Twitch Sub Tiers (2)