Feature Requests

Add users to the queue manually (1)
Separate online/offline notices? (1)
Add to Raffle System (11)
Handypanel (4)
OBS Integration For Polls (8)
/me posting option (4)
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Go Live Notification (6)
Prime Resub Alert (11)
Command Permissions !cleanup (5)
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New Twitch Clip Created Alert (9)
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Twitch checker (9)
Rank Announcement (9)
Video and chat on the main web page (4)
User Time In Chat (18)
Restoration of !setstream status in Discord after bot reboot (1)
Optimization to bot customization (4)
Restrict Sounds to single person (4)
Play a Sound on Alert (2)
Bind PhantomBot to a specific IP address (7)
Blacklisting Specific YouTube IDs (3)
Dualstream Timer (1)
Lost points command? (7)
How do I get chat logs? (5)
Change dates in quotes? (2)
Total playtime instead of current playtime (4)
Enhancing Keyword functionality (10)
Ability to Split Stream Online/Offline messages into separate channels in Discord (3)