Feature Requests

How do I get chat logs? (5)
Change dates in quotes? (2)
Total playtime instead of current playtime (4)
Enhancing Keyword functionality (10)
Ability to Split Stream Online/Offline messages into separate channels in Discord (3)
Raffle / Ticket Raffle number of entries command and raffle entry notification (11)
Whisper Mode customization (6)
Stream Live Alerts (14)
Twitch Ranks Shared to Discord (12)
Play sound when sub enters chat (3)
Point rewards to sub gifters and sub gift receivers (3)
Ticket Raffle need stop autopick (7)
Ticket raffle module quality of life upgrades (9)
Use streamlabs currency settings (1)
Post Tweets from Twitter to Telegram (2)
Toggle Song Request Limit Per Viewer (2)
Post Tweets from Twitter to Discord Channel (5)
Minimum participants for Adventure? (3)
Audio Hooks Volume (3)
Audio Hook Output on it's own page (3)
More .txt/.html outputs (2)
Implement Twitch's new raid feature (8)
Special Subscriber Ranks (10)
Volume for Audio Panel? (6)
Upcoming birthday based on follow/subscribe date (1)
YouTube Player default Playlist (3)
Change authentication of panel from HTTP Auth to Form or cookie auth based (2)
(playsound) for Greetings (7)
Ranksystem in Discord (8)
StreamLabs Points Integration or (custom script) (3)