Feature Requests

On Device Songs for Songrequest (1)
List of commands that a viewer can use (8)
Possible to add more Browsersources for gif alerts to OBS? (4)
Question: Automatic stream alerts for ranks ? Possible? (4)
Multi-Channel Support (For Loyalty) (2)
To bind the highlights with the /marker (2)
Multiple Users (7)
Making a mini-game where Twitch chatters can use commands to change a specific % (like tug-of-war) (1)
YouTubePlayer - pause or delay between songs (1)
Discord Roles: Auto-Assign Twitch Sub Tiers (3)
Prime Resub Alert (12)
OBS Integration For Polls (9)
Ability to Reboot Bot From Panel (4)
Youtube Player, commands? (9)
Link Discord-Roles by ID not by Name (1)
Youtube Panel (5)
Hide Bot Commands & Bot Messages? (13)
Show and Edit Extensions in Phantombot (2)
Toggle for disabling/enabling single notices/timers (2)
Twitch Commands enabled through Discord (1)
HTTP Basic Auth Support In (customapijson) and (customapi) (1)
(subscribers) counts yourself, while it doesn't on twitch (2)
Adding option to only show followers in !toptime / !top and promotion (5)
Discord user self-management commands (1)
Countdownup type of command (4)
Shared cooldown timer for a group a commands (1)
(views) or similar command variable (8)
Currency Reset (12)
Bot Command List HTML (19)
Support cyrillic (1)