Feature Requests

Where did the discord panel go in the new control panel? (3)
Add quotes in discord (1)
Youtube player pause button when ingame (7)
Rewards for bits (11)
Inactive custom command (4)
How would I set it so that gambling returns double the user's points? (3)
Allow Command Variables to be used in Keywords (2)
User Panel with user name, online status, and photo (4)
Support for MongoDB? (2)
/commerical request (5)
Riot/Matrix compatibility (1)
Play a Sound on Alert (6)
Change authentication of panel from HTTP Auth to Form or cookie auth based (8)
Music Wishlist as Text file (4)
Ban users in Twitch chat from Discord (2)
Weather command request (3)
Discord Alert feature for gifted subs (4)
Ability to toggle deleting discord embed (1)
Mysql to sqllite(.db) (4)
Make Timer Messages have different timers per message (2)
Youtube Chat (4)
BitEvent Message (2)
Games proposals (2)
Suggestion: Playlist selector in ytplayer (1)
Ability to simply change the number in a particular count command in the new panel (9)
Facebook Autopost - Going Live (8)
Selectable roles (4)
Uptime feature request (4)
Different emote / caps / etc limit for subs (2)
Follower count in follow response (3)