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Donation does not show it the chat plus others (9)
Backup Error (5)
Toptime show wrong time spent in chat (4)
Using MySQL causes utf8 strings to become? (3)
Gamewisp Integration Error (4)
To much Songrequests stop the player (9)
Contradiction between seconds and minutes in moderation.html (6)
Changelog has incorrect download link for (4)
If you mention someone, (channelname) tag doesn't work (6)
Host handler showing up as disabled in panel ( 2 ) (24)
Moderation Logs fail to print time (3)
!vote command for polls does nothing (8)
Rank set not working (3)
New YTPlayer doesn't create dir and file in addons (4)
Bug ImportPL YT (19)
(gameonly) not working for some games (3)
Missing unnecessary images (9)
Reloading of /ytplayer page drops all song requests (3)
Can't load the panel (7)
Missing lines in commands-customCommand.js for Discord (8)
(customapi ) not working with (echo) (4)
!setstream status in Discord (5)
Link detection has false positives and acts wrong (6)
Blank lines in playlist files causes bot to add random songs (3)
Empty !penalty response (3)
Stream Elements Tipping (8)
Just some raffleSystem things/suggestions (3)
Cannot grab Youtube Playlist (5)
Keyword detection (6)
Cant delete special Character Entries from Audio Blacklist (7)