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  • RE: Websocket unable to connect

    @WTMike24 I cannot speculate as to the release date for the next stable release at this time unfortunately. More people are actively testing the Nightly which helps a lot, you could always choose an earlier snapshot from the build that HTTPS issues were resolved in and run it in test and see if it is stable enough to stay with. Some folks are using the Nightly right now and seem pretty happy.

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  • RE: Keep Bot On for Discord

    @themeechelle No there is not, when you shut the bot down it terminates the connection to Discord just like if you quit the client completely. If you wish to not have the application open locally then you could look into other hosting solutions which a lot of other streamers do that use PhantomBot. You could also look into a Raspberry Pi or another low-power solution.

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  • RE: Websocket unable to connect

    @WTMike24 I see that you are using HTTPS. Please read this thread:

    For some folks, the stable has issues with HTTPS. I never had these issues from my VPS, but, other people have and we tweaked the 3rd party WebSockets library after reading that other users of that library (not PhantomBot) were having some issues and the fixes proposed were not working from their development tree.

    Please review your error logs as well and see if they match what the other user was reporting in that thread. If you require HTTPS you will need to update to the Nightly. Otherwise, you should remove HTTPS.

    Also, HTTPS was much slower than HTTP if that is a recent change that was made. The enhancements made in the Nightly seem to help with that.

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  • RE: cyrillic symbols and !songrequest

    @Mewok I am sorry I didn’t have a better answer. We have bumped into this before. The closest we can come is to making a custom module that dumps regular expression checks, but, then, it isn’t as efficient (fast) or accurate as a regular expression.

    My guess on YouTube, is the query has to be encoded (but not sure which encoding YouTube wants on that API). I also assume that Rhino is passing in the unicode properly to the Java Core (but that would need to be checked).

    Sorry for short answers, working right now!


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  • RE: cyrillic symbols and !songrequest

    @Mewok !wordcount uses RegEx which is not compatible with Cyrillic characters under the Rhino/JavaScript engine.

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  • RE: cyrillic symbols and !songrequest

    @Mewok More than likely you would need to look into the Java Core and the YouTube API (see Google YouTube API v3 for this) on how to properly encode such data for their API to work properly.

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  • RE: New Solution - Hosting on Heroku Cloud

    Heroku is notorious for blocking UDP and having issues with TCP. I work with/administrate some of the largest Discord bots out there (selfhosted and not), and Heroku causes issues (notably, anything audio related is literally impossible to setup on Heroku without doing a lot of back asswards hackery for hours).

    Also my logic does not assume someone is a systems admin, all the hosts I mention provide capability for you to do everything you need via a control panel. Plus offer very good support via live chat, and other systems if you would encounter an issue and cannot find one of the thousands of guides for it. Getting PhantomBot setup on a VPS to work similar to how it is when local hosted, aka non of the extra fancy stuff, is really not hard for the average person. All they have to do is follow the guides we offer for Linux operating systems.

    Anyone/everyone are welcome to fork and make PhantomBot work with these ‘free’ hosts, and provide all support for how to do it. It still holds true that it’s beyond what we plan to do for the foreseeable future, as there is very minimal benefit for us to invest the time to do so instead of working on other things for the bot.

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  • RE: Catch Pokemon Game

    Updates are finally done.
    Changes compared to old:

    1. Uses new Db similar to waifu (easier to test and edit)
    2. Thanks to the new DB you can change the lang to make it digimon or persona or w/e else you’d want it to be.(Do not try this yet, I need to work on a issue with splits on urls and character names to make this work)
    3. Attacks are now all Pokemon attacks with their own respective types (catching a Pokemon will generate a random type, be interesting to have a fire type squirtle)
    4. Changes battle messages to match pokemon a little more. You can completely change how battle looks if you want.
    5. Setting a pokemon in your team will show a (M) for main next to the name on your team
    6. You can use !candy on any pokemon you own regardless if on team or not.
    7. Boss will become the next player who defeats it. If you want it to be a legendary pokemon boss again just use !resetboss.
    8. Added the ability to change a pokemon type if you own it with !attribute
    9. You can add more types to the lang and it will load it into the attribute list command (requires a reboot)
    10. Fixed URLs to use the pokedex link and removed the split function that includes the generation in the link. (I need to update this to keep the split function but also not use it under certain conditions.)
    11. Fully tested and works (make sure to delete your old files of pokemon system)
    12. More I can’t remember.
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  • RE: Working on the Greetings command

    @saleman_89 Greetings have to be set by viewers, we removed the global greetings since it would limit how many messages the bot could send when a few users joined at the same time. As of right now, this only works when the user joins the channel, keep in mind that there is a delay between Twitch sending out the event of a new user joining the channel, usually around 2 minutes.

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  • RE: Command cost for some groups

    @MichaeLarsson This has been requested before but denied simply because it would slow down the process of sending commands, since it would require extra checks to see which group a user has, and if that group gets a command cost or not.

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