Ability to simply change the number in a particular count command in the new panel


Nightbot has this ability once you use the command once then a new line shows up on that command’s edit window and you’re able to change the number to whatever you wish. Its useful for a counter that needs to be reset every stream.


So first off, I’m not sure I completely understand this. But I think the Bot, can & does this already.

Other then that, you might want to explain a bit more what you would like to see please.


That wasn’t possible the last time I used the bot. My mistake.


No worries! Be sure to check out the Release Notes, we log the new features, changes, fixes, and items removed.



Just tested this myself, the boxes are display only, they can’t be edited. The command count can be reset, but not specifically edited.

Related note, deleting the command does not delete the count. Apparently I’d used (count) in a !test command before, so it started at 3. I’m fine with this, it should stay.


Well then the request isn’t solved after all, editing the command count is the point of the feature request.


If accepted, I would say only in the new panel rather than creating in two places.


Makes perfect sense to me.


Cool deal, for now, the !resetcom has been updated – but leaving this open to remember to edit the Panel! Changed the title as such.

Merge 1946

[04-09-2018 @ 18:18:24.208 MDT] [MUTED] Counter: 1
[04-09-2018 @ 18:18:25.727 MDT] [MUTED] Counter: 2
resetcom counter
[04-09-2018 @ 18:18:29.253 MDT] [MUTED] @IllusionaryBot, The counter for !counter has been reset.
[04-09-2018 @ 18:18:31.783 MDT] [MUTED] Counter: 1
resetcom counter asdf
[04-09-2018 @ 18:18:37.998 MDT] [MUTED] @IllusionaryBot, Invalid counter value: asdf
resetcom counter 10
[04-09-2018 @ 18:18:41.647 MDT] [MUTED] @IllusionaryBot, The counter for !counter has been set to 10.
[04-09-2018 @ 18:18:43.198 MDT] [MUTED] Counter: 11
[04-09-2018 @ 18:20:27.313 MDT] [MUTED] @IllusionaryBot, Usage: !resetcom (command) (count). If no (count) then reset to 0.