Adding option to only show followers in !toptime / !top and promotion


Hey guys great job so far,

I currently found out, that 50% of my viewers in !top didn’t follow me and after checking them out, it seems, that they are bots - cause they watched my channel for more then 10 hours without writing anything. Even if it’s not a bot, I only want to reward people in the top list, that they are really active.

Also add this option for “Promotion to regular” cause I get alerts for them too.

So I wish a toggle for top-time and promotion for “Followers only”. Thank you. Currently I have to add them all to the ignorebots.txt manually


This would require calling the API for your each user, with the current twitch API this is possible, but once we move over to helix, with its rate limits it won’t be.


Didn’t we already save followers in our database?


We save new followers and up to 100 when you first launch the bot. We do not query all followers as this gets a bit crazy for large channels.


While I know this is closed, we also do not track when they unfollow, making this an item that is not sustainable. I personally asked Twitch Dev for an “unfollow” event and they won’t provide it. A few other developers asked for it too, also no dice. The suggestion was, as usual, determine a better way to determine channel “loyalty” - and keep in mind this is from Twitch’s own development team.