Alias commands not respecting Capitalisation of original aliased command


Hi, new here so apologies if I am in the wrong place. When I try to set an alias to an existing command it does not respect the capitalisation of the original, example:

!setgame Rocket League

I set the alias as follows !aliascom !rl !setgame Rocket League

When I do !rl it says: Changed the current game to: rocket league! and shows on Twitch as rocket league which prevents it picking up the game art.

Am I doing something wrong here? or is it a bug of sorts?

Thanks for any help




we currently save all aliases in lowercase, that why you’re experiencing this. You will want to do the following to accomplish what you’re trying to do.

!addcom !rl (command setgame) Rocket League

Be sure to remove your current alias before doing this!


Aha! Thank you ScaniaTV for the quick and helpful reply sir.