Allow Command Variables to be used in Keywords


In commands (starting with !) you can use variables, such as (count) that will return the count of times that command has been used, but if you do the same with a Keyword, PhantomBot returns “[Error][init.js:308] (, ircChannelMessage, ./handlers/keywordHandler.js) TypeError: Cannot find function getCommand in object [email protected]

I would like to be able to use a count, or other variable to do something such as:

User: Kappa
Bot: Kappa has been sarcastic (count) times!

or similar. Let me know if I’ve overlooked a setting somewhere, and this functionality is available, as I have tried looking around for it.


Hey there,

Instead of (count), try using using (keywordcount)

Kappa has been sarcastic (keywordcount) times!