Ankhbot Converter


AnkhBot data is now encrypted, if you're running the latest version of AnkhBot, data cannot be transferred. As of PhantomBot 2.3.9, this feature will be removed from the bot.

Need some help to transfer data into Phantombot
Entering a user database (name, points, seconds watched) to Phantombot

Does this erase Ankhbot’s data?


No, it just reads the databases and converts them into PhantomBot.


So, long story short I had to run the script twice to convert over my databases. As a result the information I wanted updating (I can’t remember if I wanted to update the points or add a couple of quotes) but either way the database of quotes got doubled up. So instead of having around 600 I now have 1200. Is there a way to mass delete quotes other than using the web panel and clicking delete one by one? I know PhantomBot uses a MySQL system, however I’ve never used it and wouldn’t know where to begin.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.

Walla Walla


You can download SQLitebrowser which provides an easy to use GUI. You can just delete the phantombot_quotes table using that and import again.