AnkhBot to PhantomBot Converter


This converter will only work on Windows since AnkhBot only runs on Windows. The converter will look for AnkhBot’s databases in the default folder of C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\AnkhHeart\AnkhBotR2\Twitch\DataBases, if you changed this please place the databases in that folder before running the converter.

What will it convert?

  • For now it will only convert: Points, Time, Regulars, Editors, Quotes, and Commands. since AnkhBot does not store data the same way we do at all. Converting any other data will get extremely complicated.


  • AnkhBot doesn’t force a prefix for commands like we do, we will only convert commands that start an exclamation mark. AnkhBot also has different command variables, we will only convert the basic ones. You can find our command variables list here.
  • AnkhBot does not save the current game that was played in the same format as us when adding a quote. When converting quotes PhantomBot will make the game name Some Game for some quotes when converting, you will have to manually edit the game later.

How to use:

  • Simply make sure you have the latest stable version of PhantomBot and run the command ankhtophantombot in the bot console (cmd) window. Converting data may take time, so please be patient! This should also only be perform on a fresh installation of PhantomBot.