Any way to "simplify" the Pokémon Game?


I love the Pokémon game that has been posted on here, but is there a way to make it a bit simpler? I just want more like a collectible game, like keeping the ideas of spending points for a chance to catch a new Pokémon and collecting them, but I want to get rid of the more complex things like battling, leveling up, things like that. I would like this because I would like to make more of a collectible trading car game and figured the Pokémon game could be a good basis to start from; and I’d like to be able to edit the list that lists the Pokémon, so I could replace each Pokémon with my own “items” instead of just Pokémon.


The answer to this question is “yes.” However you’ll need to know JavaScript, or at least a basic understanding of programming concepts as you will need to go in and modify parts of the script out.

If you choose to do this you will have to debug any issues you cause on your own. You’re probably better off trying to take portions of an existing script and making what you want. This really isnt too hard to do, Google is definitely your friend (otherwise there are some resources in the documentation you can go look at too).


Makes sense, i’ll try to see what I can do on it. I’ll be sure to post it on here if I have any luck; thanks!