Anyway to Welcome first time viewers?


Is there a way via script to have the bot Welcome first time viewers in chat like Wizebot does? if it can be done any help would be appreciated


There are some easy changes you can make. Normally there is a “Greetings”-Script.

You can only output “Greetings” if the user has a 0 Minute Time in Chat


nope not what I am talking about… the greeting script built in says a user has to set their own greeting… and I have it on and it hasn’t greeted anyone so far. I want to greet people the first time they are on stream like wizebot does… the built in system does not work the same


There is a custom scripts I posted on the forum that had this. It would require lots of searching though. I do not have a local copy anymore, but feel free to look at topics similar to this one and you might find it.


the customwelcome script?


This used to be a feature by default but then we got rid of it because it was unwanted by most. Take a look at this topic, which is simular to yours: Welcome messages.



think this is it here let me know if i am right


That looks like that’s it, I’d test that out instead of using the solution I linked, that way you have the best of both worlds.


will do… I understand why this was removed but IMO it should have been left as an option as everyone can’t speak for everyone and having options is always better IMO.