Audio hook on-speak intro system



So I’m currently setting up the bot for someone who’s switching over from Streamlabsbot / AnkhBot.
One of their bot features was to play an audio file for when someone speaks for the first time in stream. Unique to a particular user.

The streamer has an incentive where if they subscribe at a certain tier, they’ll get a custom intro jingle play for them when they speak for the first time, each time the stream is live.

So I’m trying to replicate this with PhantomBot somehow.

I know you can play an audio hook using a command, but then command permissions are only set as groups. You can’t give someone a personal command that only they can use, as far as I can tell.

Ideally there’d be a system that listens out for any message from a particular user (or a command, if it really has to be), and plays the audio hook. Then puts it on a 12 hour cooldown or something, or just waits till the stream is live again.

I honestly wouldn’t mind if it all had to be coded manually for each user. This isn’t so much about being UI friendly at the moment.

I’m relatively new to the scripting scene, so does anyone have any ideas, or suggestions for this? :thinking:


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