Audio Hooks Question


Would it be possible to have a command to combine Audio Hooks and text into chat for example:

type command !luda and its says “Welcome Luda” in chat and plays a sound byte?




Please look about and you will find the thread for it but here


hey, thanks for the reply i think i confused you with my post.

I am after a way to create a command that will do 1) an audio hook and 2) post a shoutout message in chat

just wondered if that is possible.

Thanks again


make the command like you normaly would then follow this

or you may be able to just use (playsound audio_hook_name) in the command itself


************* DIDNT SEE THE (playsound audio_hook_name) ********** will try this in the morning let you know :slight_smile:

Ok so if i add

!luda - Hey go follow luda hes an awesome dude !!
then i follow that guide
!audiohook customcommand add !luda luda

Its says command already exists


!audiohook customcommand add luda luda cus i dont think you need ! for the command name


Hey JustAlixe (playsound audio_hook_name) is the part i was missing. thank you :slight_smile: