Auto Assign New Members Discord Roles?


Hey Guys, I am extremely new to phantom bot and I was hoping someone could give me a bit of guidance or help.
Instead of having to manually assign new members in discord when they join is there a way to make phantom bot do this, I have googled and searched the forum but I can’t find anything. I’m not looking to mass assign roles as all of my current members are up to date, just the new ones.

Thank you so much guys!!


Assigning Discord Role on Command

This could be done with our greeting system for Discord, once a user joins it would add a role automatically. For the users that are currently in the server, you would have to manually add the role to them.


Thank you so much for the response!

I have created a greetings message for a new member but I still can’t find the option to autoassign. Is it under discord and greetings alert? I have to be blind…

Thank you again.


Sorry, I should’ve been more clear, I mean that this could be added to that, meaning it’s currently not a feature but could be. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much! How would one be able to add such a feature? Do I need to know script?


Right now it couldn’t be added, it can only be added in the latest nightly build. I’ll see if I can push this to be a main feature in the next release.


I’ve actually needed something like this, but not for everyone. I want to be able to automatically add a Discord role to anyone that is a follower (or at least has a connected Twitch account) to a member role so that they can get to the whole server as quickly as possible. Those who aren’t a follower or don’t have a connected Twitch account are instead given a guest role which can only view a special #guest-room that’s accessible only to guests where they then await a mod to manually verify that they’re not a bot. The reason for this is that this keeps guests from seeing the names of members on the server and thus keeps the vast majority of bots from DM’ing people.

As it is right now, I just have it so everyone has to go through the guest room first which is inconvenient for lots of folk, especially if a mod isn’t online at the time. It’d be very handy if this feature was added as a way to authenticate new users and keep the user list out of the sight of shitty bots.


That would be incredible if possible, I was surprised when I didn’t see a feature already like this, at the moment I am just doing it manually which is fine for now but would be amazing to have automation!


Sorry for the long wait, this feature will be in our next stable release and in tomorrow’s nightly build.