Automated step counter?


Not sure if I’m posting this in the right place, please move to the correct place if not.

I was wondering if somebody would be able to either point me in the right direction or possibly create it for me, to help with fitness goals and motivation.

But I’d like a script that would start when the stream goes live, and ends when the stream is over (kinda like uptime) but that would do some automated calculations for me, with a command that people could use to check current time/steps.

Example: So lets say if 1 hour of stream time equals 2000 steps, 1 hour 30 would be 3000 steps and 2 hours of stream time would equal 4000 steps and so on.

I hope I didn’t make it out to be too confusing, but thanks in advance.


Just use the uptime minutes * “steps perminute” - quick math
So (2000/60) = Step per minute (33 steps per minute)

If uptime = 20 Minutes, you made 660 Steps


Hey, thanks for replying. You make it sound rather easy, but I need easier for my sanity.

I was hoping to make a script out of it, because my math is dreadful and the streams are often all different durations - whilst also getting the community involved in pushing the fitness and stream duration.


Is the last duration of a stream really relevant?

Also how do you know at the 5th minute of a stream how long the stream will be?

And why does the number of steps are different, how longer the stream goes?

Like I understand:

!steps (for example) should display: “This streamer already streamed 1h 30 minutes - in that time he could made 2000 steps” ?!


Last duration isn’t really relevant I guess, no - just current stream is good enough.

We don’t know how long a stream will be when we start, but being able to stay informed about how many steps that will have to do be done for the stream duration, helps decide if we should go longer or not.

The longer the stream goes on, the more steps we do to to counter the time we could’ve been being healthier? (If that makes sense.)

As for your example, that’s pretty much exactly what I imagined/would like.

Sorry, it seems I’m not that good at explaining myself, I feel like I’m babbling. I just want to get healthier whilst involving the community.


So - back to my first answer. You just need a value, for steps per minute. I think a normal Person make 2 Steps in 1 Second - so 120 in 1 Minute.

So just:

CurrentUpTimeInMinutes multiplied with StepsPerMinute = StepsMadeUpTime

If you want to have a goal, like 10.000 Steps:

10.000 - StepsMadeUpTime > 0 ? “You have to made … Steps to finish your goal” : “You finished your goal”

I dont know, why a person, that just sits around on stream would want to know, how many steps he would made… but yeah. gg ez