Automatic online twitter/discord function wont work after update v2.3.9


The discord function wont send an online message to my discord even more. I reconfigure the “discord setup” at the command line, nothing happend.
Now I tried the problem with hastags (can test it later): Discord Alerts No Longer Working in v2.3.9

But I got the same Problem with Twitter too. I mean, I can send tweets via the bot but the automatic online message wont work. Even the uncheck/check havent a loadingbar like before.

I stream yesterday 3 Hours with no online messages :confused:


The discord custom commands wont work too.


Please look in the core-errors/ and errors/ log files and let us know if you see anything there related to Twitter and Discord.

I am not sure what the uncheck/check loading bar is. Can you elaborate, show a screen shot?


Ok, got the Twitch Error. Message was over 140 Chars. (Maybe the Bot can check it in the next Update :slight_smile: )

But dont find anything about the discord Problem. I reconfigure the setup, maybe this will help.

Got every day, the errorlog message: updatecach()@twitchcache.java279 .Do I have to do something there?


Discord seems to working now too.
Dunno what was wrong the past time.


For some reason I thought that Twitter4J double checked outgoing messages automatically, but, perhaps not. Can add in a check for 140, and then when the 280 limit is applied to everyone, can up that.

The Twitch Cache error is normal, for Twitch, it means that there was a moment that the Twitch API didn’t respond. This happens with the Twitch API due to network latency or due to their own service having hiccups. If it constantly fails, every 30-60 seconds, then there is either a network outage or the Twitch API is down.


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