BETA Clips Detection


That will also be fixed, there’s no easy way of changing it.


Sounds good, I worked around it temporarily by just changing the string to (name) created a clip: https://(url) which works as one would intend for the time being :smiley:

Thanks for being awesome!


Sorry is this is off topic in here.

On the topclip command doesn’t appear to change from day to day. For the last 3 days the topclip has remained the same regardless of new clips being made in each day.

Is this expected behaviour?


The way the code is written it grabs the top most clip returned from the Twitch API. So, one of two things is going on here. Either Twitch is returning the same clip or there is a bug. Would you be willing to open a support ticket outside of this post and provide your channel name and I can run the API check against your channel and verify what Twitch is returning?