Betting system works incorrectly


Hi devs!
Been using Phantombot for a while. It’s great! Yesterday I updated it to the latest version and unfortunately there is still an old issue with betting points.

If there is only one participant in a bet, phantombot counts points correctly. But if there are 2 or more participants, the gain percentage increases with the number of betters. Yesterday more than 200 people bet on stream, all winners got 200000 points each, when they should have got 10000.

I conducted a small experimentt on the latest Phantombot:
—GAIN 100% 1 player
4500 bet from each player on all bets
6750 Phantombot

—GAIN 50% 2 players
9000 bet
18000 Phantombot (100%)

—GAIN 100% 2 players
9000 BET
27000 Phantombot (200%)

—GAIN 100% 3 players
13500 bet
54000 Phantombot (300%)

As you see with every participant the gain adds itself to the equation (100%+100%+100%). Can you guys please fix the formula so the gain always stays consistent?

Also it would be great if:

  1. User got a message when they placed a bet. Tried playing with !bet togglemessages but the bot doesn’t inform the user when the bet is placed. It can reply if he already placed a bet.
  2. Betting system would log it’s actions, payouts and winners in a text file like other modules.
  3. There would be possibility to close bets without setting the winner. Right now I use timer function to do this.

Thanks a lot!


This sounds like a bug report, file it correctly under that section along with all of the required information. This also sounds like a feature request, this is also the wrong place for that. Split this into two posts.