Bingo Game [Based on Wizebot's]


A user here request for this game. Instead of putting it in general discussion I figured it belonged with the rest of the custom scripts, so anyone looking for it might be able to find it easier.

Download: Click here

Extract the contents of the zip into your root bot folder. The zip contains a root scripts folder, with all the game files already nested in their proper folder, meaning all you have to do is merge the new scripts folder with your existing one. Can’t get much easier than that.


!bingo [number] - If a game has been started, this will guess the number. If a mod (or higher) uses this command when a game hasn’t started, it will start a game, picking a random number between 1 and [number] as the winning value. People will then be able to guess as normal.

!bingo last - Displays the last winner of a bingo game. Default value is “N/A”, and default permissions is mod+.

!bingo stop - Stops the current bingo game, with no one winning. Default permissions is mod+.

!bingo set [number] - Sets the payout points for the winner. Default value is 100 points. Default permissions is admin+.

If you have any issues installing or running this script, please let me know below

Thanks and enjoy the script!


I’m assuming there’s a !bingo start command, but you forgot to add it?


Nope. A moderator or higher starts the game with !bingo [number]

This was based off their documentation, it had no start command.


Oh, interesting mechanic.


I am having some problems getting this to work. I am not sure what I am doing wrong.

I even went into the control panel to see if I need to enable the script, but I don’t even see it listed.
Do I need to restart the bot, maybe.

I am going to be honest here. I wasn’t sure how to merge the new scripts folder with the old. I just copied and pasted the js into the same spots as the other game js files. Was that a dumb thing to do? I am sorry I am a noob. I have managed to edit and create my own adventures so I thought this would be easy.



Yes, that was the wrong thing. The files I provided need to go into specific folders or they won’t work.

If you’re on windows you can merge the folders doing the following:

  1. Right click the folder and click “Extract all”
  2. Click the “Browse” button and navigate to the folder that has all your bot files, press “Select Folder”
  3. Click extract.
  4. It will show a prompt asking to “Confirm Folder Replace”, press “Yes”, because the files I’ve provided are different than the ones you own currently, it will merge them without anything being replaced

The bingoGame.js file goes in /scripts/custom/games/ and the games-bingo.js file goes in /scripts/lang/custom/games/

I’ve just packaged the zip that way so when you extract it, they go in there automatically.


So, I redid the install (I am using linux). I checked to see where everything went and I see bingoGame.js in the /scripts/custom/games/ location and I have games-bingo.js in the /scrips/lang/custom/games/ location.

But in your instruction above you have games-bingoGame.js Mine is not named that. Mine is named games-bingo.js


That’s fine, it’s the correct file. I just had forgotten what I named it. The name of the lang file isn’t really important. The name and directory of the game file itself is what’s important.


ok, so I have everything in the right spot, but the bot is not responding. Do I need to add the command?


No the command should be added automatically on bot start.

A message in the console should show a line such as:
[01-17-2018 @ 20:19:33.172 MST] Loaded module: custom/games/bingoGame.js (Enabled)

Are you able to see the console and this message?


I do not see that message. I am in the control panel.

ok, I am in the console now. I see it. I think I needed to restart the bot.


Do you still have the other bingo file in your bot files? As in the one you placed with the other games…

That might be causing a conflict.


Nope, I don’t. It is now working. I am testing it out now.

I think the issue was that I needed to restart the bot. Once I did that it recognized it.

Thank you so much for your time and patience with me. I really appreciate it.



No problem glad to hear it’s working


I tested it and it works like a charm.

Thank you again. I hope others will enjoy it as well.



Some moderators in some chats find it funny to use the command in this way (example): !bingo idfsohdsj. So the game offers to guess the number from 0 to NaN. Could you edit the script to avoid this? Need for foolproof.


Love the command but what is the command (IF any) to end the game and show the correct number?


!bingo stop ends the current game but does not show the number. It is possible to modify the script so it does show it though.


thanks for the reply :slight_smile: can you point in a direction to change the script, and maybe the code to change…I umm is code challenged.


I went ahead and updated the script files to include it.

Just download from the link above and repeat the installation steps.