Bingo type game


I saw a streamer using wizbot with a game where chatters pick numbers between 1-100. Whoever chooses the correct number wins.

Is there such a thing for phantombot. or an easy way to create one?

Thanks so much


Bingo Game [Based on Wizebot's]

It’d be really easy to create a game like this with a custom script.

Was the game on a timer or did someone have to trigger it or how did that work?


There was no timer that I saw. The game did not end until someone picked the correct number. The game was triggered by a command. Then everyone just typed numbers until someone guessed it.


Reading the wisebot command documentation it appears that a moderator or higher has to trigger the start of the bingo game (might be configurable - it doesn’t say).

I’ll write a quick script based on what documentation is provided (literally none other than command usage).


That would be awesome!! Thanks so much.



The download link is not working.