Bit Alert Settings - More Info In Alert


I know that we are not allowed to offer currency for bits, however I was wondering if there was a way of pulling the information on how many bits a user has sent in total either via a command or via the alert itself, I know ankhbot does this.

Basically someone sends 100bits in chat you see the following:

User just cheered 100bits - Total bits cheered Xamount


I will be working on a bit counter later but you will have to set the users as it will only know from the time you add the script i already have done one for deepbot in the past :slight_smile:


that sounds cool! Would love this!


Below are the 2 files you will need… please contact me if it has any bugs

scripts\custom\systems\bitsSystem.js (3.0 KB)
scripts\lang\custom\systems\system-bitsSystem.js (625 Bytes)

Any typos for responses can be edited in the lang file


I know Twitch doesn’t have an official API for this, even if it did, we couldn’t use it since it could be abused. AnkhBot is either using a third party API or saving it themselves, which we do not do. Adding this right now would cause the readout to be inaccurate, which some users don’t like - we learned this the hard way a while ago.