Blocking @ in !gift commands?



Having just watched this be an issue in another’s stream, I thought I’d raise this here.

Is it possible to add something to the !gift command code so that if someone uses @[username] instead of [username] in the command that it fails? Currently, it appears to create a phantom user in the database, with whatever currency lost unto the aether, which can annoy a minimum of three people (admin, user gifting, user meant to be receiving).

I’d hope it would just be a bit of RegEx looking for the @, but I might be thinking it is simpler than it is.



I want the same thing for !followage, !age and other similar commands. Almost any person in the chat first tries to use the command plus the name with @. And every time you have to explain that a bot doesn’t understand the name with the dog here, and in response you have to read something like: “Silly bot”. It’s unpleasant. It would be nice if the bot would not care whether the name contains the dog or not.


This has been fixed in most places.


PhantomBot Version:

Just tested !gift @someRealViewer, !followage @someRealFollower, !age @someRealViewer, !lastseen @someRealViewer, !shoutout @someRealStreamer. Only the first two commands works with @ properly.


Yeah it hasn’t been fixed everywhere, only a few places, there’s no way to do it globally.


I’ll fix it in those files for our next release.