Bot not adding time/points to users (Nightly)



New user, 1st post - testing things out
and Yes I know there is no support for NB’s just an fyi kind of thing.
While testing out the NB listed above I realized that it was not giving out time or points for anyone in chat. Accept it gave points to the bot itself. Tested it with over a couple of days and it only gave points to itself no one else. Also added other users manually into time and points to see if it would kick start the giving of time/points and still nothing.

Again this is an FYI bit of information encase you missed the error in your logs.

PhantomBot- - seems to be giving time to users till i disabled the option for offline accumulation. Points I am not sure of yet. at this time I am not streaming.

Thanks for your time.


Try disabling the module then re-enable it see if that helps. II usually fixes it for most users.


Went to disable and then re-enable the module and my Twitch (and Discord) sections are completely empty (see picture)


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