Bug Report Audiohooks


Failure in the last update, its not possible for me or the viewer to trigger the sounds. Details on the picture


Hi! Can you provide more information? Not sure what !op or !achtung commands are trying to do. I assume these are aliases but, I cannot see the aliases themselves to be able to test with.

Also, I am not sure what OS you are running or version of PhantomBot. We do ask for that information along with any and all helpful information to help us troubleshoot. Logs when the commands appear to do nothing would also be helpful.



yes you are right, thats all alliases. i tried both, normal and like in the first screenshot, but none of one works.

I’m using Windows 10 64 Bit


Are you using the German translation? If so, can you try with stock PhantomBot and report back?



I have the same problem after update to the newest version the allias commands doesen´t work anymore. No german translation

direct command works


It doesn’t work that way with aliases.

Create an alias to !audiohook play then use that alias (nested), like below – notice !drumroll and !sfx. This is what I do in my channel. Seems to function properly.


Thx this solutions works :smiley:


Excellent! Sorry it is a long way around the farm! Glad to hear you got it working.



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