Can't Launch Youtube Player Window


PhantomBot Version: 2.4.2
OS Version: Windows 10
Java Version: 1.8.0_191
Browser and Version (for Panel Support): Google Chrome
Stock PhantomBot: Yes

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I am trying to set up my song requests for my streams, yet the youtube player won’t fully load. When I launch the youtube player, I receive this message in my console.

[12-13-2018 @ 17:45:08.943 GMT] [?] YouTube Player is connected! [?]
[12-13-2018 @ 17:45:10.419 GMT] [ERROR] [init.js:325] (, yTPlayerState, ./systems/youtubePlayer.js) No data returned.

I have read a few other forums regarding the launcher not working, and I set up the Youtube API key, but it didn’t fix my problem. If I could get some help that would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!


I assume the YouTube API Key was setup properly. You can always double check that first and you can look at your Google Developers API Dashboard to see if there are incoming requests (it just provides counts).


I don’t have any requests on my Google API Dashboard


Then there is a good chance that it is misconfigured in botlogin.txt. Double check the configuration.


To make sure I configured it correctly how exactly should the youtube key be written into the botlogin file?


Bottom of the article:


I was confused about where to put the line in the config, do I just put it as the last line in the file?


Anywhere on its own line should be just fine


The youtube launcher still won’t load and I keep getting the same error message


From the console, prior to launching the player, run debugon then open the player and paste the results from the YouTubeAPIv3 log messages. Run debugoff once you have some YouTubeAPIv3 log messages. Provide those messages here.


These are the messages from console

[12-14-2018 @ 17:32:17.434 GMT] [CONSOLE] Executing debugon: Enable Debug Mode
[12-14-2018 @ 17:32:17.434 GMT] [DEBUG] [onEvent()] Dispatched event ConsoleInputEvent
[12-14-2018 @ 17:32:30.239 GMT] [?] YouTube Player is connected! [?]
[12-14-2018 @ 17:32:30.241 GMT] [DEBUG] [onEvent()] Dispatched event YTPlayerConnectEvent
[12-14-2018 @ 17:32:31.260 GMT] [DEBUG] [onEvent()] Dispatched event YTPlayerRequestPlaylistEvent
[12-14-2018 @ 17:32:31.260 GMT] [DEBUG] [onEvent()] Dispatched event YTPlayerRequestSonglistEvent
[12-14-2018 @ 17:32:31.263 GMT] [DEBUG] [SearchForVideo()] YouTubeAPIv3.SearchForVideo Start q=7lO1iBF0p_0
[12-14-2018 @ 17:32:31.563 GMT] [DEBUG] [GetData()] YouTubeAPIv3.GetData Timers 0 196 297 0 Fri Dec 14 12:32:31 EST 2018 Fri Dec 14 12:32:31 EST 2018
[12-14-2018 @ 17:32:31.564 GMT] [DEBUG] [GetData()] YouTubeAPIv3.GetData Exception MalformedJSONData (HTTP 404)
[12-14-2018 @ 17:32:31.565 GMT] [DEBUG] [GetData()] YouTubeAPIv3.GetData HTTP/Available 0(404)/0(9)
[12-14-2018 @ 17:32:31.566 GMT] [DEBUG] [GetData()] YouTubeAPIv3.GetData RawContent[0,100] Not Found
[12-14-2018 @ 17:32:31.977 GMT] [DEBUG] [GetData()] YouTubeAPIv3.GetData Timers 0 227 409 409 Fri Dec 14 12:32:31 EST 2018 Fri Dec 14 12:32:31 EST 2018
[12-14-2018 @ 17:32:31.980 GMT] [DEBUG] [GetData()] YouTubeAPIv3.GetData Exception
[12-14-2018 @ 17:32:31.981 GMT] [DEBUG] [GetData()] YouTubeAPIv3.GetData HTTP/Available 200(200)/0(211)
[12-14-2018 @ 17:32:31.982 GMT] [DEBUG] [GetData()] YouTubeAPIv3.GetData RawContent[0,100] {
“kind”: “youtube#searchListResponse”,
“etag”: ""XI7nbFXulYBIpL0ayR_gDh3eu1k/uKsXaflsfl5lEpI1-3f
[12-14-2018 @ 17:32:31.984 GMT] [DEBUG] [SearchForVideo()] YouTubeAPIv3.SearchForVideo End No Results
[12-14-2018 @ 17:32:31.989 GMT] [ERROR] [init.js:325] (, yTPlayerState, ./systems/youtubePlayer.js) No data returned.
[12-14-2018 @ 17:32:31.990 GMT] [DEBUG] [onEvent()] Dispatched event YTPlayerStateEvent
[12-14-2018 @ 17:32:38.456 GMT] [?] YouTube Player is disconnected! [?]
[12-14-2018 @ 17:32:38.457 GMT] [DEBUG] [onEvent()] Dispatched event YTPlayerDisconnectEvent
[12-14-2018 @ 17:32:43.018 GMT] [CONSOLE] Executing debugoff: Disable Debug Mode


It is true:

I will patch to find a new video to try to add as a default video.


Thank you!


Can take the youtubePlayer.js directly from the Pull Request:

or New Nightly:


how exactly do I do either of those things? I’m sorry I don’t know how to do anything with code


Two options:

Option 1
Download the zip file. Extract it like you did the stable 2.4.2 release (I assume you are on 2.4.2 stable and not a Nightly Build already). Perform a bot upgrade which entails copying all of the files from your current config folder into the new config folder. Run the bot from the new area.

Option 2
Download this file, (right click Save-As)

Replace the PhantomBot scripts/system/youtubePlayer.js with that file. I think it is compatible with the stable build, if you are using stable rather than Nightly but I am not 100% sure.


I got it working! Thank you so much!


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