Cant Stop Bot on Win 2012 Server


Hello everyone,

im running the bot on a win 2012 Server. I would like to update it, but i cant stop the bot without stopping the whole server.

I cant find a Process or something like this in the taskmanager. Is there a way to stop the bot without the complete server?


ctrl + c stops the bot on windows console (CMD)


there is no console open, ive start the bot, console closed, bot is still running


so on your server you dont have the cmd open? when u start the bot you open launch.bat yes? there should be a cmd window showing the bot running etc. I use it on a linux vps so not sure but have run the bot on a windows pc before


You probably launched the bot by clicking the jar file, which you shouldn’t do, you should also use the launch.bat script.

You can either kill it by terminating java process in your task manager, or using the following command in command prompt. taskkill /f /im java.exe


correct, starting the bot via launch.bat, everything is fine and running, then ive closed the console
respectively. the bot is still running


Closed or minimized?


If the panel is still up cant you go to the dashboard and click remove???


If you ran the bot through the .bat, the bot wouldn’t be running if you exited the .bat.

This leads us to believe you ran it through alternate means, that or you modified the bat file.

Open your task manager and look in the background processes. Look for one that either says “Java ™ SE Platform Binary” or “javaw.exe”, and forcibly end it.


ill fix this. killed the whole server and do my change.