!challenge the bot



Hi There…

Some of the users in the Chat want to !challenge the bot.

is there a solution for this?

even if I: !echo !challenge accept
It doesn’t work.


Please review the !addcom command and the tags

Without more details, I can only assume that you want the bot to respond to !challenge with “accept” and do nothing more.



I have installed the !challenge

this is what I want:
user: !challenge bot
bot: !challenge accept
bot: let the challenge begin.
bot: fight
and so on.

I have tryed to make a custom command. but when the bot replied !challenge accept. the fight doesn’t begin.

its like the bot ignores its own commands

hope you understand.


Unfortunately, that is a custom script provided by another user and would require support from that user. There is no need to create a custom command if you have properly installed that script and if it is functioning. In fact, having a custom command and trying to install that script could cause problems. I would remove your custom command and see if that makes a difference.


i could add it so that if the name matches the bots name then it will auto accept it


check the new update on the page :slight_smile:


Works perfectly. Thanks.


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