Change authentication of panel from HTTP Auth to Form or cookie auth based


The reason that I’m asking for that is because steam browser simply doesn’t support HTTP Auth. WHAT? Yes, it doesn’t support HTTP Auth.

If we change authentication method of panel to a simple web page with authentication form we will be able to access panel from steam overlay. In my case, this means that I will be enable to control my stream without leave my game with alt + tab and without open phantom bot in other device.


Unfortunately, this will not work. We use the HTTP Authentication mechanism provided by Java to provide security to the pages. Pages are set behind context objects from within the HTTP(S) server objects provided by Java. In non-technical terms, everything is handled from within the lightweight webserver.

We do not support any other browser than Chrome; although we try to support Edge, Firefox, and Safari as best as we can.

The one thing you could try is changing your URL that you use to connect:

http://username:[email protected]/path

That sends over the authentication information automatically and doesn’t require the pop-up.