Change textes


hello, how do I change the textes of default-commands, like !game or !!followage ? I want change the outputs of the bot.


Please refer to this guide on how to edit language files first:

After reading, you can make the following changes:

The text for !followage can be found in \scripts\lang\english\handlers\handlers-followHandler.js

followhandler.follow.age.err.404 - this one is if they’re not following / errors.

followhandler.follow.age.time.days - this is for if they have more than a day followed.

followhandler.follow.age.time - and this is for if they have under a day.

The text for !game can be found in\scripts\lang\english\commands\commands-streamCommand.js - is for when you are streaming and a valid game is set - is for when you’re not streaming and have a valid game set - is for when you have no valid game set.