Changeing the default text on commands


I’m new with PhantomBot but I’m getting used to it pretty quicky thanks to the guides. The thing is that I can’t find the files where the preset commands messages are. I really need to change them since I stream in Spanish and would like to custom everything into that language. How can I get there? I have been looking into the codes with notepad but they’re just commands and not the typeing.
Ex: The command !makeitrain says “A rainstorm’s incoming! (name) just tossed a total of (points) (pointsname) in the air!” and I would like to change it to "¡Lluvia de (pointsname)! ¡Todos reciben unos picantes (amount)


Take a look at this guide.


I did look through all the guides and made all changes, the problem is that I don’t get chat or any kind of notification when someone follows or suscribes to my channel, either the list of followers updates.
I have been looking around all the forum but still doesn’t get what is happening…
Also, this error poped up out of nowhere ¿?
[01-20-2018 @ 20:00:05.036 GMT] [init.js:300] (, command, ./commands/customCommands.js) InternalError: Can’t find method java.lang.String.replace(org.mozilla.javascript.ConsString,org.mozilla.javascript.Undefined). (misc.js#668)


If you’re using the panel (http://localhost:25000/panel) you can go through the module list on the Dashboard tab to enable the modules, such as, followerHandler, subscribeHandler, etc. Then you can go under the alerts section and configure them to your liking. Just note that the bot will require a restart after enabling the follower handler.

As for that error, can you tell me which command you’re using to trigger this?


All modules and notifications are already modified with their respective information but still, no notification will apear. If you use the command “!check follow (name)” it will detect that the user is following my channel and the notification for that command does work ("(user) is following this channel"). I don’t know if maybe while translating I touched something but I see the untouched code (the original) and everything is the same.
I don’t know which command triggered this since it doesn’t say and when I realized that error apeared on the “error” folder, I already finished translating all the stuff.
I restarted the host, Twitch, the bot and even my computer.
Thanks for the help, btw.


Be sure you have the toggle for the alert on.