Cheap VPS for Phantombot no more than $30 CAD/yr


I am not good in this area but I want to know some good options that work fine with Phantombot. Just tired hosting my bot on my own desktop.

Phantombot average/max memory usage

You can get a free vps from amazon that will work for phantombot.


@UsernamesSuck which one do I use and I don’t wanna get charge for overages within that year.


I personally use an EC2 instance with the free tier settings. You can use windows or linux.


I signed up for it but after the 12 month free tier is up what you recommend ?


I personally use vultr, and I haven’t had any issues with them so far. But there’s a lot of more them out there. I will make a list on the forum.


What you guys are talking about here means having the bot up even when you shut down your pc?


Correct, it would be running on a Virtual Private Server (VPS), and not your computer.


Alright thanks. Would be nice to have that once I got everything figured out.


My favorite VPS host is Digital Ocean

they bot runs fine on their $10 Plan


runs fine for me on there 5$ one to


I love Contabo VPS, cheap rice and highest ram & storage , you can read the review here :