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I kind of hinted at this earlier in a post which sadly digressed so was shut to avoid getting off topic, so; On a single point, will there be an update to the clipsHandler.js you helpfully offered so it works with new Discord & 2.3.9? :slight_smile:


There aren’t any plans as of right now, however you can make a feature request for it. A while back I made a module for this that works with Discord if you’re interested.


That’s what I’m using at the moment, but it doesn’t seem to work with the new version. I thought it was just the change in discord codes and 2.3.9 not working with the old clipsHandler.js you made since it worked fine with


I don’t see anything that would cause it to not work, did you copy it over to the new bot folder?


Yeah I have it in /custom/handlers at the moment. Is that right?


Try placing it in ./scripts/handlers and post a clip in Twitch chat.


That’s done the trick! Thanks a lot. Wonder if that’ll work with TTS and other modules I had issues with? You guys are so damn helpful!!


I haven’t looked at the module, so I have no idea. Sorry.


You mean the clipHandler.js – I completely forgot about adding the event to Discord. I could get that going. Be sure to read the other post about the ugliness of the Twitch API for that – at times I have seen 10 minute delays, unfortunately.


Yeah I saw your other post about adding it to Nightly recently. The basic one I use just pulls things users post in the chat to a channel in my discord which is fine. Just an archive of things funny enough to get posted. Automated would be cool too, but as you say, API could cause more harm than good.


I mean, more often than not it fires within a reasonable amount of time. I just noticed a couple of times that I was waiting a while for the API to update, probably just a glitch in the Twitch caching mechanism. The other bummer is that Twitch only reports the 100 “most popular” clips in the past 24 hours (I don’t think that is a rolling clock, I think it is midnight - midnight, but who knows and they don’t say). As long as there are enough at the “lower rungs” I think it’s fine. I tested it out on a pretty popular channel to begin with with a ton of clips being made.


Discord Clips Support:



Love this bot and love the people behind it! Stellar stuff once again.


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