Command Permission for Follower


Hey Hey,

it’s me again. I would love to see a permisison for follower.
At the moment you can set it to viewer, donator, subs, mods, admin, caster.
The missing point is follower. Is it possible?
You could live check via api if the user who triggers the command is a follower. Or use the internal database of the bot but then it has to have a cronjob or whatever to check if the user is still a follower from time to time.

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It would be possible to add, yes.

The problem that I see is that it’d probably have to be inserted between regular (6) and user (7).

And because of such, all references to user would have to be updated, and the database would have to be updated as well otherwise it’ll default all normal users over to follower. (Does not mean it couldn’t be)


The other problem, and I went and gave an impassioned speech on the Twitch Dev Forums is, once they are marked as a follower, a follower they will always be. Twitch is not going to ever provide a way to easily determine if a person doesn’t follow, in the words of their staff – it makes it easy to abuse people that unfollow. So, if you are fine with someone following for those permissions, then just unfollowing and keeping them, that will work.

When I mentioned the idea of rewards based on followers, a regular contributor and author of a large bot, suggested that it wasn’t the best way to go as well for the same reason that Twitch staff gave.

So, the bottom line is - this won’t ever be added to the bot by the core development team, because there isn’t an easy way to see if they stopped following, and, all they would have to do is follow/unfollow/follow/unfollow for the perks. Of course, the bot is open source, so the feature could be added if desired to your build.



Well thanks for your quick response. I see the problem there. I am not a java deloper. I only do a litte php. What i did for a tool was:

Read out all followers of a channel. Store them in a mysql database. Repeat every hour. If user is in the table, update the timestamp. So if a user does not follow anymore, he will not be read out from twitch api which means his timestamp does not update.

After that i checked for a specific user if his timestamp is older than one hour. If it was, he defollowed. But that would be an issue for larger channels as there have to be walked trouh a lot of arrays and users.

But thanks a lot for checking that. Will not be that bad if it is missing. Just wanted to ask for toughts.

Thank you both. Have a good evening


So, here is the thing with that, Twitch provides an endpoint to get all followers. It has to be hammered to get all followers. It takes hours (due to current rate limits) to complete for a lot of followers – we can only query 100 at a time, then have to pause. When the new API (Helix) is released, they are going to automatically enforce API rate limits and pulling, say, 20,000 followers, will wipe out your “credits” on the API fairly quickly and not allow the bot to do anything else with the API.


Jep i see the problem there. So it really seems that this is not to implement in a good way. But thank you


You are welcome, like I said, I brought this up with Twitch, I even asked for a tag in the IRC chat to never have to use the API endpoint (if they are active in chat at least!) but was pretty much told “no.” If more people harass Twitch, maybe they will listen, but, not sure! I piggybacked on someone else asking last week and it didn’t go anywhere, sadly.

The original question someone asked was to provide an “unfollow” webhook since Twitch is adding a “follow” webhook. That would have been stellar, avoiding the API if you have a 24/7 process up to catch those. But, again, shot down :frowning: