/commerical request


Currently I believe Nighbot has the ability built in for Moderators to run the Twitch /commercial command. Would it be possible to have this added through Phantombot?

The channel I am involved with has a requirement to run 3mins of advertising every hour. Right now we’ve got this happening once every hour but that results in 6 advertisements in a row and is causing some dissent amongst the viewers. Being able to run 2 or 3 ads at select times would be helpful.


Ensure the bot has Editor Status from the broadcaster’s dashboard. Add a custom command to send .commercial to the channel. I believe that would work.


Yeah, pretty sure that will work. My bot is a channel editor and my stream is offline (so it would fail):

chat .commercial
[05-10-2018 @ 16:05:17.294 MDT] [CHAT] .commercial
[05-10-2018 @ 16:05:17.459 MDT] jtv: failed to start commercial.
[05-10-2018 @ 16:05:17.460 MDT] jtv: failed to start commercial.

So, you should be able to create a custom command that just has the bot say “.commercial” and I think, in theory, that would work. Be sure to !permcom that to moderators, of course after it is added.

Support for a default !commercial command

I’ve created the command. Will test when the stream goes live in 2 hours. Thank you once again IllusionaryOne


You betcha. If that does work (or doesn’t) let me know.