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I was wondering if I’ve made a mistake or what but I’m unable to ‘chat’ from the control panel of the Phantombot. I try and log into the chat panel on the right and the login button does nothing.

Is the chat panel just for monitoring?


You are logged into Twitch on that browser, yes?


Thanks for the quick reply.

I’ve logged in (in another tab–chrome) with my broadcaster account and I’ve tried my bot account.

When I try and chat from the phantombot control panel it asks me to login (with being logged in to twitch on another tab), so I try and use either account broadcaster/bot and the login button does nothing.

So I assume I’m missing something here or my browser is giving my grief.


It’s not directly a PB issue, because it’s literally just an embedded chat box from Twitch. Best I can suggest is log out of every Twitch account, close the browser out completely, then reopen, possibly clear cookies?


I just cleared my browsing history to the beginning of time deleting everything. Disabled all my extensions and ran it as admin. Same result. (used ccleaner to clear all my browsers as well)

I loaded up Microsoft edge and boom, it worked. (I never use edge). It allows me to talk as my broadcaster name.

So I’m not quite sure why its not working in chrome


That is a little weird, yes. Not sure why that would happen, might have to wait and see if anyone else has any suggestions. Might be worth opening the Chrome console with F12 and looking to see if there are any errors, but I’m not sure what it would look like.


This is what I see.


This is mostly an issue on Twitch’s end, try using the pop-out chat from your Twich dashboard then try the one on our control panel again. If you’re using the beta site, that might also be the issue.


Thanks for the reply :slight_smile: Alas it did not work for me but I found a work around. I use edge/firefox and it works :stuck_out_tongue: It’s all good.

Thanks everyone.


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