Data Rendering Service is LIVE


This is all pushed to the website, that way folks that do not have the ability to open firewalls at home easily don’t have to worry about it. The data is pushed every 2 hours (give or take) and rendered remotely.


ok thanks cus i rebooted the bot twice after putting the update into my bot and it wasnt working yet so thought id ask :slight_smile:


It has a cooldown period in the bot to be nice to my server :smiley: Rebooting doesn’t reset the value, you can reset a value in the database, but the remote server will reject data it has already seen in recent time as well with a rate limit reason.


By the way the main post needs updating with the ranks link :slight_smile:


its been almost 4 hours and still hasnt updated? any idea


Some odd reason the key deleted itself from the botlogin so thats why it wasnt working :stuck_out_tongue: i added it back now


Nightly build hasn’t even been pushed yet, unless you built it yourself it’s not going to be live.


ya i already added it as i sated above but i fixed it the key was removed from my login maybe from when i moved from windows to linux as my main os

im one of them guys that updates as soon as its on the main branch of phantom bot :slight_smile:


is there anyway upon a successful upload of server stats it be outputted in the ouput window? something like upload of stats successful with a time stamp?


Statuses go to the Event Logs.


so i added the key i generated to my botlogin last night and it still has not uploaded the stats yet.

i have it in my botlogin as


is that correct?

also for some reason i dont see it in the event logs even tho the module is enabled. i verified through the output window of the bot.


Please open a support ticket, this thread is meant for the initial Beta Release for the development blog.


Points Leaderboard?