Define inviteTamagachi(username,bet) line 240 adventuresystem.js


I’m wondering what the function inviteTamagachi(username, bet); on line 240 of adventuresystem.js is trying to do and where it is supposed to be defined? I see tamagachijoined in game-adventure under lang/english/games is a written line saying $1 has joined the adventure so I’m assuming invite is suppose to call upon that to say it has successfully joined after game state=1 and someone has already joined. The reason being is adventure is working but in cmd console there is an error line saying [ERROR] [Init.js:300] referencing adventuresystem.js “InviteTamagachi” is not defined I’m trying to define it but not sure what exactly tamagachi is trying to do?


This is an old feature that a past developer used. In the latest version this should be removed, which is why you’re getting this error.

I see that old code was left. I’ll remove it, sorry about that!


So what lines should I remove to get rid of the error? Just the 240 command and the return of anything else?



Here’s the commit fix.