Destiny Overwatch stat tracker


Hello! I found a Destiny/Overwatch stat tracker here on the forums quite a few months ago and can’t remember where I had saved it to…does anyone happen to know how I would go about removing this feature from phantombot?




If quite a few months ago, it may have been on the old forums which are decommissioned at this point. As for how to remove a feature, remove the script file from disk and then run !module delete ./path/script.js the path/script.js being the script (module) that you removed from disk.


Thanks so much for the quick reply! I am so lost with the technical stuff though, are you saying to run that command in the twitch chat?

./commands/XgDestinyTracker.js is the one I am trying to disable


From chat:

!module delete ./commands/XgDestinyTracker.js

From the Console:

module delete ./commands/XgDestinyTracker.js

Example (I don’t have the module of course - hence the error!) from my Console:

module delete ./commands/XgDestinyTracker.js 
[07-24-2017 @ 16:44:20.070 MDT] [MUTED] @IllusionaryBot, Module not found in DB: ./commands/XgDestinyTracker.js

This is if you are totally removing the file from PhantomBot.

If you are just wanting to disable the feature then:
!module disable ./commands/XgDestinyTracker.js


Thank you so much. It wouldn’t disable from the module center so had to run this command.


Wait, what? There is a destiny module available? Where can i find it and why are you removing it?


I am not sure if this is the latest and greatest, but came up via a Google search:

This script is not supported by the PhantomBot Development Team, it was written by another user.