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PhantomBot Version: v2.4.1
OS Version: Windows 10
Java Version: Version 8 Update 191
Browser and Version (for Panel Support): Up to date firefox
Stock PhantomBot: Yes

Let us know what help you need: I followed all instructions on installing PhantomBot and it said it would be opening in 10 seconds and it did not. I went to the set up guides and looked for the folder it said I should have and it was not there. Not sure what I did wrong.

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Can you be more specific? What step are you having issues with, what exactly are you doing, etc.

Also we need the version numbers under “PhantomBot Version” and “Java Version.”


It just never opened up the control panel after the install and putting in all the OATH codes. (I also updated the versions above)


I’m not sure where you’re reading that anything will open automatically, you need to go to the local host link like our guide says.


I read this and this folder does not exist after the download

"Now you have all the details (If you haven’t, follow the previous step), we can do the Initial Startup.
To start off you should have the folder PhantomBot-x.x open.

In this folder you’ll find several files, find launch.bat and double click it to start the Initial Startup."


Did you unzip the file you downloaded as the guide says? The folder will exist where ever you tell it to extract.


I did unzip it. I looked in that folder as well as searched in the windows bar to try and find it. I am sure I did something wrong but I am unable to figure it out.


Try unzipping the file again, or re-following the guide from the start.


I tried to delete the files to redo the install but it will not let me delete it saying that it is open. I checked the task manager to see if something was open and it was not.


You have it open then somewhere, you’re just missing it. Reboot your computer if you cannot find it and follow the guide again.


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