Disable Viewer Count


Hi, is there any way to disable the viewer count in the panel other than removing it out the code?


No. It would have to be removed from the code.


Not supported in the stable Control Panel.

Expanding on this. On the beta panel this is a feature. If you’re using the beta panel, you can click the number, and it will hide.


Hi, thanks for the replies. i’ll check out the beta panel.

one thing i found inside the browser source link for the sounds:

What about the Part “allow-alerts=false”? How to configure this?



Oh thanks :slight_smile:
I know about the magic to set up a browser source in OBS. Somehow i thought that adding “allow-alerts=false” would now announce follows, subs etc. with a sound.


Ah, gotcha. Hopefully that FAQ explains the options.


indeed, it does :slight_smile:
is the beta panel playing the sounds as well?


My fault, didnt read the info “this plays the audio hooks through the panel and not the browser source”. using a chat command works perfectly fine.

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