Discord bot not coming online


Hello guys, I am currently having issues with getting the bot to go online on my discord server… I have made sure that I have done everything correctly multiple times but still no luck :confused:

I wasn’t sure how I was to add the “discord_token=YOUR_TOKEN” part so I just added it to the end of the botlogin.txt file with a space in between the other.

I also reset the token code to make sure that it wasn’t for some reason bugged or something, I would appreciate any help, thanks in advanced.



Discord is slower dropping support for their old APIs, we will be releasing a new version some time this week to fix this. For now, please download the nightly build. As for your Discord token, make sure you have it on a new line so it matches all of the settings in that file.


Having the same issue even with nightly builds aswell: [ERROR] [connect()@DiscordAPI.java:83] Failed to authenticate with Discord:

[DiscordException] Exception (DiscordException) occurred while logging in: Error on request to https://discordapp.com/api/v6/users/@me. Received response code 401. With response text: {“code”: 0, “message”: “401: Unauthorized”}


Have you updated to 2.3.9?

A 401 error typically means you’re not providing the correct details for Discord.


running the latest version. I tried giving it a new secret key aswell.

followed this guide:

The file:


I wonder if the permissions didn’t take. When you generated the token you used:


In particular the permissions=8 setting? Then authorized for your Discord channel?


You need to use the token, not client secret.


facepalms Thanks :smiley: Doing these kind of things with no sleep for the past 24 hours isn’t a good thing I guess.


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