Discord Bot Timers



My Discord server is rather busy, and as such things get buried rather quick;y it would be useful to have a timer just on the twitch but separate that posts after a certain number of people have spoken and a certain amount of time have both elapsed.

That way I could have the bot remind people to check the rules and even let them know that they can link their account with !account to get custom ranks on the server based on watch time.



So you mean you want something like the twitch timers to be implemented into discord?

IIRC there’s a timer rework somewhere on the map… Idk when that’d be done but I’m pretty sure they want to redo at least the twitch timer, perhaps they could add in discord functionality when that happens?


Exactly, but Ideally just like the custom commands configured entirely separately so that I can have different timers on the discord than on the Twitch. Would certainly help with managing bigger discord servers.

It would be great if they included that when they did the timer rework.