Discord DM Greetings for New Joins



I wasn’t sure if the Discord API has limitations on DMs, but I was wondering if it would be possible to have a toggle to make the bot DM new joins on the server instead of posting the message to a channel. We would like to have a detailed welcome message for our new members so they are presented with the tools they need for our community.
If this feature request isn’t in the best interest of the community or the implementation creates issues then please disregard. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Just make a “welcome” channel with that detailed message.

Don’t allow anyone to post in it, except for the creator of the message.

Then in your discord greeting tell people to read that channel.


Just a few notes, I run quite a few large Discord communities and contribute to even more. Bots that DM users without being user initiated tend to be hated, and users will tend to block them/leave servers that use them.

One of the best solutions for what you want is a Welcome/Announcement channel (looks really nice with categories now :wink: ). You can point your Discord invites to a specific channel, so when a user joins they will be brought to that channel.

Still this does fit some communities, I know a few who use a similar feature. If the people want it you might be able to convince Scania to add it (he’s the main Discord dude right now), it’ll just be a little while. We’re all swapped with life commitments currently.