[Discord] Going Live like Mee6 (Now with autohost)



if you want to pick on everything join discord and message me there instead of filling up the forum post about it? also what would be the point of the $2

if you dont like the way its formatted thats the good points to the bot you can feel free to change it you dont need to be picky at everything


I know a lot of questions are annoying, but it seems you’re inattentive bustler, so there’s some of distrust to everything you do, no offense. Ok, no questions to you. Good work anyway.


i’m going to guess English is not your first language


not even the second

[INFO] Lang string for key "discord.streamhandler.common.viewers" was not found

[DISCORD] [#test] Me: !goinglive toggle
[DISCORD] [#test] [CHAT] <@!336281580396863513>, undefined is not one of the listed toggles


so zack is this better



Do you have the most up to date file?

img here


Yes, but if you’re notifying users when a friend of yours goes live, why is the uptime 2 hours, 6 minutes, 9 seconds? Did you just turn the bot on? Theoretically if you’re just notifying people when they go live, you can scrap “Viewers” and “Stream Uptime”, then again, I don’t know how your system works.


You changed your files 10 min ago to make me fool. It’s not fair) Now you’ve fixed it.


ya the uptime and viewers could be removed but i just added them so that it has more then just the name and there title also the reason is shows a different time is cus i just added them to the list so it would of showed how long they have been live sense i added them to the list.

im thinking about adding a on game change notify that can be toggled too as i like that idea


Sounds good! :+1:


Again: there is no such key (and lang string for this key) as discord.streamhandler.common.viewers in the whole PhantomBot project. It may be contained in your other custom script, but neither in clean PhantomBot, nor in the scripts in this thread.


oh RIP i forgot to add that my bad

the line is $.lang.register('discord.streamhandler.common.viewers', 'Viewers');

Fixed the main post


… gracias




  • Added command !goinglive list to list the users in the database

*goingLiveSystem.js (9.0 KB)
*system-goingLiveSystem.js (1.3 KB)


Is this script needed? because it won’t download. Wanted to look at the files.


i was able to download the files fine and they are working great thanks @JustAlixe


No sorry i moved it top the other lang file lol


Gotta update your links in the OP then or something :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s why I use my own site to host files, any updates just get pushed there and the link never changes :wink:


ya i just did when you mentioned it :slight_smile:


They’re not working on my end yet.