Discord Integration?


Hello! I’ve been trying to get Phantombot onto my Discord for quite a while. The bot has such a wide array of moderation commands that I cannot find in any other bots. I’ve gone through every single step. However, when I get to the last step

“You will want to copy that entire token, then locate your PhantomBot folder, and open the botlogin.txt file in your botfolder, make sure your bot if off before doing this.
You will want to add discord_token=YOUR_TOKEN in the botlogin.txt file, then save and close it. Once you boot PhantomBot your bot should come online in your server. You are now done setting up PhantomBot! You can now go on the control panel and enable the modules you want and setup the features.”

I hit a wall. I’ve never downloaded or used a bot like this and I don’t have twitch. I’m assuming that the botlogin.txt file is the launch file that’s type is Window’s Batch File. Ive watched many tutorials for this online, but they are all for twitch, so whenever I get to this part, I’m left in the dark. When I launch it, a black box appears, verifies my Java version 8 and tells me To Enter the Bot’s username. Could I just get a step by step instruction on how to do this part?


the botlogin.txt is located in your config folder.

there it is in my build:


“testbot” is the name of the botfolder


I re-opened the folder in my downloads titled PhantomBot but All I can find in the config’s folder is audio-hooks and gif-alerts


nevermind im an idiot lol you need to run the complete setup, then close the bot and there is teh botlogin txt

sorry xD


What do I do in order to complete the setup? Do I click the thing that says launch? When I do that, it asks for twitch information x’D


PhantomBot is first, and foremost a Twitch bot. The Discord side is supplementary for the Twitch portion. If you’re looking for just a Discord bot, I recommend you find one that’s purely for Discord.


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