Discord Module Revamp


Hey everyone! We just finished our migration from JDA to Discord4J, these are two Discord libraries, they allow us to communicate with Discord’s API. We made this switch because Discord4J has a lot more features that will allow us to add cool things to our Discord integration. Now, with a big revamp, a lot of bugs can be expected. If you want to test, you can download the latest nightly build. If you do find issues, hopefully you don’t, but if you do, report any and all bugs on the following thread so that we have them all in one place:

Do NOT include Feature Requests. This is for Bug Reports only as the system has been mostly revamped for the new library. Any Feature Requests posted as a Bug Report will more than likely be deleted.

The PhantomBot Team.

PhantomBot Version: 2.3.8-NB-20170818 (Revision: 8fa7d5b)
PhantomBot Version: 2.3.8-NB-20170818 (Revision: 8fa7d5b)