Discord online/game change alerts + bot stream status issues


PhantomBot Version:
OS Version: Debian 9.2
Java Version: 1.8.0_141
Browser and Version (for Panel Support): Opera 48 - Chrome 61
Stock PhantomBot: Yes/
Any Recent Changes to Your System: Yes

Description of Issue: Every time my stream goes live, my stream preview pic doesn’t show up and I don’t know if it’s intended or not. On the other hand, when I change the game the preview pic shows up, but it’s old (weeks old, if I’m not mistaken it’s from the first stream I did after I updated the bot to 2.3.9) and always the same and I think this is not intended. Talking about the bot stream status, even if I change the title on my stream it keeps showing the old one and I don’t know if it should update or not (but I’d like it would do that).


I’m no expert but I do experience the preview picture thing, I don’t think it’s a bug I think it’s Twitch not returning a preview image in time (timing out).

As for the really outdated image I’m guessing it’s connected as far as I’m aware the bot only pulls the info Twitch is providing to it.
I could be wrong but thought I’d share my two cents on the matter.


Twitch updates the preview pic every few seconds (you can notice it when you check the channels you follow), so I don’t think the bot is getting the same old pic over and over from Twitch. It seems there’s just some kind of bug in the function retrieving that pic and the bot, not getting a new one, keeps using the first one it was able to retrieve over and over.


Ah I didn’t realise they ran on the same system. In that case I have no idea. :stuck_out_tongue:


This seems to be working fine for other streamers that I watch who use this feature. This might be a corrupted database or script that isn’t working properly. Follow our how-to update guide to update the bot again. Also, is this issue for the Twitter module or Discord? I’m a bit confused, I do know there was a issue with Discord only showing Twitch’s default purple alert, but that will be fixed in our next release.


It’s a problem with the Discord module, in the embedded alerts it keeps showing an old preview pic. And I always update the bot following that guide.


The preview link it gotten from Twitch and stored in memory, so once you shut down the bot it will be clear, it also updates every 30 seconds. The only thing that would cause this is if Twitch returns the same link for some reason. Same goes for the title and game.


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