Discord Roles via reaction Question


I know I have to script this but I am talking about the core. Does phantombot listen to reactions when someone inputs them ? I’m wondering something because I before I script something I need to know little about the core or maybe a line in the core. My plans are if a user reacts to the welcome message in discord with a emote it will have the bot give them a Role but I am wondering if Phantombot listens to the reactions. I’m fine with my script right now but I just wanna improve it move it from a command to a reaction instead.

My plan is to give a user a role via reactions rather than commands.


I don’t know of a bindable event with reactions.

^ here’s a list of the current ones.

You could maybe create it yourself using sx.blah.discord.handle.impl.events.guild.channel.message.reaction (as seen in Discord4J 2.10.1 API (can’t link there directly because framesets in 2018 LUL)) although I have no idea how message IDs are handled at all.