Edit Command Via Sub-Command



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I’m looking for a way to edit a command via a sub-command, kind of like !multi and !multi set. I would like it to work like this:

!custom –> Name: name | Password: password
!custom set newname
!custom –> Name: newname | Password: password

Is there a way this is possible? Please let me know. Thanks


well multi already has a system like this but yes this is easily possible you just have to set what you want the sub command to do like update a database then the main command will use that new entry


English please. I’m a newb :confused:


if that isnt english i dont know what is? also not to be rude let me guess your from USA?




wow thats tipical for a American to tell a British they want English LUL not the first time i have had that happen when i worked for sprint / nextel i had that happen a few times

anyways let get back on the topic of this post


The easy way to do this would be with the (readfile) and (writefile) variables, you’d have a command called setsomething which would write to a file and another showsomething which would read the file.

If you search for command variables on the forum you’ll find a list with those two in it.


or a custom script like most of the ones i do have a set command as a sub command depending what you want it to do?

Can you even make sub commands from custom commands?

I always thought that only the first variable in !addcom could be the command name and didnt think you could use a space in custom commands from the panel