Ellipsis for stream went offline alerts


PhantomBot 2.4.1

In the stream went offline alerts in Discord long game titles are cutted in this way: from “PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUND” to “PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATT”. Can you add an ellipsis at the end of the cut?


The bot should already cut the game title if it’s more than 20 characters? This was added in version 2.4.1. Could you upload me the streamHandler.js file located in PhantomBot_Folder/scripts/discord/handlers


It seems my English sucks)) I mean yes, game title cuts are working. I just ask to add ellipsis: «…».


Oh, sorry I completely misread what you said. We’ll add that for our next release, not sure why it wasn’t added in the first place.


Added in 3160ed3


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